Dr. Naser Refaat – BroadcastPro Summit KSA | 28 February 2024 | Holiday Inn Riyadh Al Qasr, KSA
28 FEBRUARY 2024 / Holiday Inn Riyadh Al Qasr / KSA

Unlocking Future Horizons:
Advancing Excellence in Saudi Arabia’s
Broadcasting and Media Landscape

CTO | Rotana Media Group

Dr. Naser Refaat

Dr. Naser Refaat is a renowned technology visionary with over 34 years of experience in the Media & Telecommunication Executive Industry, having worked with leading multinational companies such as Sony Broadcast Europe, IBM USA, Apple France, and Rotana Media Group since 2004. He possesses a diverse set of executive skills, with expertise ranging from media management and telecom to real estate development and neuroscience research. Dr. Naser’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Computer Engineering, a Ph.D. in Telecommunications, and an MBA in Operations and Information Management, which have underpinned his successful career and contributions to digital transformation projects across various sectors. He is also an accomplished author and researcher, with three books and numerous research papers to his name. Dr. Naser’s unique blend of technical knowledge, strategic insight, and innovation has earned him multiple awards and recognitions in the field.